xLights clears GPIO settings

I’m running wLed on an Athom LS4P led controller. It runs wLed build WLED_0.x.x_ESP02.bin. When xLights loads a configuration to this controller, all of the GPIO settings are cleared and I have to go into the wled app and reset them to the correct addresses. I don’t have this issue with wled running on my NodeMCU boards. Thoughts???

Are you using the wled controller type in xlights?

I would just set the led count in WLED and not have xlights send it to WLED. Not really a need for such things unless you are changing what’s connected all the time.

I seen the same exact situation multiple times before and you have answered your own question , so check what configuration xLights loads

Yes I am. Once I reset the gpio settings, it works fine with x lights.