ZenXY Desk

I have an electronics project happening in this countertop workstation. It isn’t 100% finished yet, but the lights are on, and powered by WLED, and I thought everyone here would appreciate it:

The mechanism underneath will move the magnet and there will be a layer of sand for the ball to draw patterns in. I have a small border to install, and then I will add the sand. I will be sure to post some pics or videos of it running.

The mechanism is from v1engineering.com, and it is called the ZenXY (this is a beta version of the new design). The patterns are created in my website sandify.org.

Thank you WLED and aircookie! This is such an awesome OSS project.


I forgot to come back with an updated video.

More details here:

And another cool color picture.

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Such an amazing and cool project, compliments on your skills! I would love to build something alike, but at this point in time, the amount of work to come to a satisfying and finished product is one bridge too far I think; too many other projects are still on the table or in front of me.