Are WS2814 24v RGBW LED Strips compatible with WLED?

Simplest solution is to put an ammeter (Voltmeter set to measure Amps) in line with the 24V line and measure the current required to light 60 LED’s set to full brightness and full RGB white plus W white.
Divide that number by 60 and you’ll get the current per LED.
Multiply by 3600 and that will tell you how big your power supply needs to be for the absolute worst case.

If that number is bigger than the Dig Quad rating of 30amps then you’ll have to attach more power wires to the supply and route them to the strip(s) at the appropriate injection points.
They don’t have to be physically attached to the Dig Quad board as long as you have at least one set to supply power for the board.
The extra lines you add can have their own inline fuses for safety’s sake.

In general power and data are run as two separate circuits for an LED strip.
The only thing that needs to be common is the ground line.
The Dig Quad simply makes it convenient to do the connections on one board and puts the fuses in line where you can easily see them.
But that’s not the only way to make power connections.