Are WS2814 24v RGBW LED Strips compatible with WLED?

Simplest solution is to put an ammeter (Voltmeter set to measure Amps) in line with the 24V line and measure the current required to light 60 LED’s set to full brightness and full RGB white plus W white.
Divide that number by 60 and you’ll get the current per LED.
Multiply by 3600 and that will tell you how big your power supply needs to be for the absolute worst case.

If that number is bigger than the Dig Quad rating of 30amps then you’ll have to attach more power wires to the supply and route them to the strip(s) at the appropriate injection points.
They don’t have to be physically attached to the Dig Quad board as long as you have at least one set to supply power for the board.
The extra lines you add can have their own inline fuses for safety’s sake.

In general power and data are run as two separate circuits for an LED strip.
The only thing that needs to be common is the ground line.
The Dig Quad simply makes it convenient to do the connections on one board and puts the fuses in line where you can easily see them.
But that’s not the only way to make power connections.

I’ve successfully made a light w/ WS2814 12V,

Download experimental firmware here, and config you stripe like this:

Hope this can help you!

Hi. I am planning a led strip light in my kitchen but the lenght is about 8m. Asked ATHOM if the wled controller could control the WS2814 LED strip but they told it is not. So if I understand you well this led strip can controll either ESP32board+WLED softwer or the original WLED controller? 24V system is under planning.
Thanks for your reply.

Do you have any specs on your 24V strip?

In general, addressable RGB strips all use 5V for the data line while power can be 5V, 12, or 24V.
You may or may not need a levelshifter to drive the strip data line properly as the ESP32s only provide 3.3V

People have indicated success using ESP32 boards in driving the WS2814 strips with the latest WLED.
Do you have an ESP32 controller now?

Hello, there was a fork I used that was mentioned in the thread that allowed WLED to work with my 2814 strips. They are true 24v strips and I can confirm I got them working with ESP32 and WLED.

Hope this helps.


That’s included in the main v0.14 WLED now, no need for special builds.

Yep, I have. So you say that it can work. Checked the led preferences of the ESP 32 board installed WLED but there is no WS2814 led to controll. What am I watching wrong? Thanks.

If you read through the previous replies in this chain, WS2814 is a variant of SK6812 with the W channel swapped for one of the other colours.

Yes, thanks I have read all the post above. So if I am right the original WLED controller from ATHOM TECH can handle easily with the latest firmware on it? This is what I’m planning to buy. As I can see you are very goon informed in these sort of cases. WS2811 or WS2814 would be better for me? Found DC24V in both kind of stip. Outdoor using, 20m lenght. Thank you.

I got a similar setup, ws2814 60 led per meter and they work with athom, but I got a nasty problem.
The leds reset randomly sometimes by powering on dei reset like 4/5 times even by turning them off, it’s pretty annoying. I try look around every where but I can find only post whit this problem whit 5v strips. Can someone pls help me

Yep it seems very annoying… my setup would be around the house so it wont’t be good. Hope (sorry for it :slight_smile: ) you are the only one with this problem :slight_smile: Just cancelled the order for WS2811 to order 2814 but if your problem is common, I made a wrong decision. WS2814 has a better consuption has seen this page.

Ive been trying to get my 24v ws2814a strip to work with this but I get random white light flashes, and it is very unstable. I looked at the ws2814a datasheet and it is 32bit… is the sk6812 32bit or 24bit?, if its only 24bit i think that might be whats causing my problem :frowning:

Depends what you mean, but 8-bit per color is all that is supported.

Just a short review on my projekt: Ordered this led strip (outdoor projekt 20m long) controller with this controller with the newest firmware (IR not needed out door, btw did not work, neither the sound feature), everything looks fine now.

Edit: there is a problem appeared: can not save any presets or playlists. This is the message:
{“0”:{},“1”:{“n”:“Solid turn on”,“win”:“Please refresh the page to see this newly saved command.”}}
Don’t know what to do. After refreshing the page I dropped back to the main page and everything starts from the beginning and no created preset is shown. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Update 2: found how to solve the preset saving issue. But there is an other problem that I found with WS2814 led strip. Controlling the strip with athom wled ESP32 controller seems that not every effect available, some of them not started some of run only one time, some of them run correctly. Don’t know i anyone has the same experience, a little bit annoying for me. Will have a try on this project with an ESP32 controller board, hope it will be better.

@Kai-X1 did you ever get this working? I have a bunch of issues with a 2814a strip. The only thing that’s consistent is wild inconsistency.

If you can document your setup and what you’ve tried you’ll get more useful suggestions IMHO.

Ah, sure.
Well, the hardware is a bit tricky. I’ve had a manufacturer, that makes LED based lighting products make a number of 360deg LED tubes. They have slid two LED strips back-to-back into a diffusing silicon tube and enclosed it in a hard acrylic tube. It’s quite nice. Trouble is, this company isn’t used to dealing with adressable LEDs - they’re more of a DMX company. So when i required addressable LEDs, they just asked their supplier for addressable LEDS, and I ended up with the mess that is WS2814a. At least, that’s what they tell me.
I can’t verify for sure, as the actual strips are enclosed in a tube.

The tube as a cord in one end with 5 wires - red and white are soldered together as is blue and green while black is single. They tell me red/white is 12v+, blue/green is GND and black is data.

So on a 2.5m tube, I have wired red/white and blue/green to a 320w 12v psu. Blue/green is also connected to GND on a Wemos d1 mini, and black is connected to GPIO2.

With wled, I have tried all configurations I could think of, inspired by Incorrect channel order for WS2814A RGBW strip. · Issue #2646 · Aircoookie/WLED · GitHub

I have tried the TM1814 protocol, as it seems similar to WS2814a.

I have tried a “standard” neopixel sketch (having previously used that for other RGBW strips) as well as this FastLED aproach: FastLED with RGBW NeoPixels (SK6812) - Parts Not Included

I’m getting nothing, that makes any sense :sweat_smile:

With wled and the wiring described above, almost nothing happens. Sometimes a single LED lights up in a orange-ish color at the end opposite the wires.
However, if i reverse the wiring toward the Wemos (ie. attach ground to DATA), it get a little more - sometimes 5 ot 10 leds light up. Sometimes white, sometimes various colours. But they stay the same color if I enable effects.
When I unplug the 12V power, they do flicker a bit (sometimes even resembling an animation), but once I plug it back in, it goes into another “static” frame.

I’m awaiting further information from the manufacturer, but my experience with them has not been great, so I’m digging around until further notice.

I’m not all that experienced with LED strips, but I have done my fair share of stuff with WS2811/2, and that has always been smooth sailing. This … this is not :sweat_smile:

From what you describe, I would connect power as the Mfg. states: Rd/Wh & Bl/Gr, data on Blk.
For WLED, choose SK6812 as your protocol and then the W “swap” with R, G, or B as required to get the right colour match with white control (make sure you have a reasonably recent version of WLED that gives you the swap options).

I don’t think your Wemos has a levelshifter builtin, it’s very possible you’ll need one (depends on the actual LEDs used).

The power/data reversal you did is not likely to help the strips much. I wouldn’t experiment with that.

That’s some good advice, thank you very much!
I didn’t even consider that I might need to level shift, as that has never been a problem with Wemos, but that might just be it! I’ll post any updates in here :upside_down_face: