Deleted WLED from Alexa, can't get it back

I have WLED running on an ESP8266 and I had it integrated with Alexa, it worked great. I decided I wanted to change the name it was known by on Alexa so I deleted it in the Alexa app and changed the name within WLED sync settings screen.

Since deleting it from the Alexa it seems to refuse to discover it with the new name. Do you have any ideas how I can get Alexa to re-discover it ?

If you have an older echo dot, like version 2, I think it might work.

If not, you can restart the echo unit and immediately attempt to discover new devices after it starts up.

Others have reported eventual success with this approach. Maybe 3-5 tries.

Amazon changed something is my understanding. You can search other posts here for more info

I have an original Echo, and 2nd, 3rd and 4th gen echo dot’s so I’ll give restarting the dots a go and see what happens. Thanks for this suggestion.

Sorry to ask after almost 18 months… Did this work for u?