Dimming non-addressable 12V LED

How can I dim Non-addressable 12V led lights, using WLED or any other solution?

See the analog schematic in Getting Started in the KB.

I couldn’t find anything, I am noob when it comes to wled. Only using a single 5V strip with ESP8266.

These are LEDs I want to dim and turn on/off at sunrise and sunset, using Wled on ESP8266 or ESP32.

any help here?

As @tonyno pointed out KB has basic schematics on the Getting started page.

If you don’t want to get involved, get analog controller from @srg74 or @Quindor

I could only find this Macros - WLED Project in KB. If you could point out to the correct article how to wire up wled for analog leds.
I have already bought the D4184

I said in Getting Started. :wink:

you mean

if I am not wrong this is your video. can you please explain/draw the 12V circuit?

it is exactly as the one pictured above: mosfet and 10k pull-down resistor

I want to follow this example but with wled.

What I want is 12V LEDs being powered by the 12V 2A DC adapter, and 5V USB adapter will power these 4 led strips I have shown in the original post. I came up with 12V 2A adapter using this

In fact, @quindor was playing with these same Rigid alu bar led just like mine

I no longer understand what you want.
Everything that is needed to use 12V analog LEDs with WLED has been said above.
If you do not know how to wire everything together please buy pre-assembled controller, most of them support 5V/12V operation.

I am in Pakistan, and getting quin-led uno here is nearly impossible. Not available on any local store, e.g https://www.daraz.pk/ nor any electronic shop e.g https://www.evselectro.com/home

Components are much cheaper on their own, and I am happy with the solderless breadboard version.
It could be great if @srg74 and @Quindor could make their boards made available in Pakistani stores.

The mosfet I can see on local stores is IRFZ44N IRFZ44N POWER MOSFET in Pakistan | Hallroad Lahore. can it replace IRL44N?
I did find IRF 530 POWER MOSFET
Mosfet Qith Arduino IRFZ44N IRLZ44N IRF530N : 4 Steps - Instructables

Info I found regarding Mosfet.

You buy Dig-Unos (or other Quindor’s boards) directly from China.

IRFZ44 has higher Vgs and is not suited for this application unless you use level shifted output from ESP.

Buying from china has 2 issues

  1. 1 USD = 176PKR so basic Dig-Uno cost USD 32*176 = 5639PKR !!!
  2. Shipping cost and lack of tracking. I bought USD 2 antenna a few months back from Ali express and those never arrived.

www.daraz.pk is owned by ali-baba/ali express, if @Quindor list it on daraz it simplifies things a lot. Shipping is taken care of by daraz, things don’t get lost, and shipping is just PKR RS 49 i.e USD 0.28, and even Cash on delivery option is available. e.g I can’t find IRLZ44N in Pakistan but it is easily available in a pack of 10 on daraz (but 10 is a overkill).

The only mention I could find in Pakistan is from a 2020 post on Facebook, and even that store doesn’t have it in stock anymore.

I can’t find both mosfet in local market, any alternative to this?

Progress so far


How can I use WLED to control brightness by using power mosfet. If I connect the ground, the light turns off.
ESP32 in the above picture is running Wled 0.13B7

Assign appropriate GPIO and select PWM type LED.