Domestic Automation LED Controller Update - Should I do it?

I just got the Domestic Automation SR WLED Controller today and it’s working beautifully. One question, though: both the WLED native app and Home Assistant are showing an update available, from version 0.14.0 to 0.14.3. I’m hesitant - is it safe to update this via OTA? Or should I just use the controller as-is without bothering with this. Thanks!

Not really , for start if you do OTA from the app then you will go to the stock wled that does not have audio usermod installed . Consulate your controller site and if you need to update then do that manually from the ui ( as with everything unless you have an issue then there is no need to rush and update )

@aatoo as far as you do not need the new feathers and as you use a READY to use controller DO NOT UPDATE

Stay with the given WORKING Controller

Never update a Running system BillGates 1985