ESP32 loosing segments all the time

I have a ESP32 that has a strip split in two segments.
They are controlled individually.
I’ve made a node-red flow to handle the relay attached to it, so that it turns on the relay if I turn on either segment, and if both of the segments are off, that is also turned off.
There are no presets.
But I’ve now seen over the last few weeks (after I modified this setup to use segments) that it looes the segments all of the sudden.
I’ve gone through my automations, and I’ve disabled all attempts on setting a preset on the light (which doesn’t exist any more) as I know a preset will mess up the segments if the segments are not saved in the preset.
But it still looses the segments.
I’ve tested, and after a reboot, the segments are also gone. For now I’ve made a single preset with segments, and I’ve set the software to load that preset after a reboot.
But should it really loose the segments just because of a reboot or other reset?
As I was worried a bit about the change in filesystem a few revisions back, I removed the esp32 from the mounting, and did a complete erase / flash of it, to make sure that it was setup correctly, and that wouldn’t interfere in anything.
Software info:

You have to save segments to a preset.

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It won’t survive a reboot?

No. You need to save.

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Hold my beer …


Ha ha, thanks, I did know how to do segments, I was just surprised that the segments were lost after a reboot :laughing:

They are meant to be changed frequently.

I also first thought it is strange that way and segments should be saved by default . But once I started having multiple segments for testing then it made sense that you have to save it to preset. The good thing is if you play with segments a lot then you could find that the effects are better suited for you with different number of segments . Power of segments are even more visible when you use something like a matrix or large fixtures