Installation Keeps failing


I’m fairy new to this development boards, i brought a ESP8266. and was trying to install WLED on it. I installed the drivers mentioned, but when ever i try to flash, it just showing installation failed.

on the port selcection it shows, “USB Serial Converter (cu.usbserial-FTB6L3) - Paired”

My ESP8266 says, FT232 on the IC.

I’m on M1 Pro Mac OS 14.0.

This is the board i git,

But it does’t say CH340 on my Board’s IC tho.

and download bin file from here


I did try using the above tool, I think maybe there is something wrong with my ESP8266. what do you think?


Connection D3 to GND seems to fix my issue.

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@prem ,

Not sure where you found that one, but nailed it. To clarify, the fix for the installation failure was to connect the D3 to the G. After the installation completes, disconnect the ESP8266, remove the connection and reconnect to your computer.

Next, go to ESP Web Tools and click on the Connect button. In my case, I went on to configure the Wi-Fi, connect to the device and configure my interface. Then I moved onto the next one.