Is UCS2904 compatible with wled?

I’m planning to use the 12v RGBW w/UCS2904 Leds (3 leds Module Addressable UCS2904 RGBW 5050 (4 in 1) Led Pixel Light) - ALONG with QuinLED-Dig-Quad v3.

Wondering if anyone able to use UCS2904 with wled OR if it’s compatible with wled?
Some people stated that ucs2904 = the protocol is compatible with SK6812 RGBW (but Wled compatible list stated SK681 5v only).

Thanks in advance

If they not listed on WLED website then officially it’s not supported. But if you have them worth to try.

Strip voltage does not really matter to WLED since it only outputs the data channel signal at the microcontroller’s output voltage (~3.3V). Using a spare LED pixel or level shifter to boost it to 5V for the data channel is a relatively common practice. Most 12 or 24V addressable LED strips accept (require) a 5V data signal. There may be some edge cases out there that would not work directly with WLED or have claimed direct support.

As others have said, hook it up in a controlled environment - on the workbench in the garage or someplace like that. Tell WLED which pin to use and see if the first 30 LEDs turn on.

Be careful with the 12V, keeping it away from the ESP controller pins.
Be careful and tie the 0V (ground or common) terminals of the 12V and 5V supplies together (called bonding them together). This makes sure the data signal is correctly interpreted by the LED strip, prevents blowing up the first LED of the strip, and eliminates one of the causes for LED flickering.

I don’t have those 12v RGBW w/UCS2904 Leds yet, so I can’t try.

Received a more information from the seller:
1./ was told that both UCS2904 and TM1814 are using the same signal.
— under the Wled’s Compatible LED Strips list, Wled supports the TM1814 (12v, RGBW) —

2./ UCS2904 ic will work with any SPI protocol controller. (Not sure any difference between ESP32 vs SPI?)

It might work based on those information from seller, hopefully someone test it before can give some input here.

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I’m heading down this same path. Were you able to test these? (this is the first google result when searching for ucs2904 wled)
I’ll update when i get mine. Thanks for the tip on the TM1814

Yes it compatible UCS2904 uses ws281 timing. I have some running on our desk currently just to double check this for you :slight_smile:

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Gosh I’m late here - I got some pucks with the same setup I believe, and I’m using an old Dig-Quad… I couldn’t get the colors correct using ws281, but when I switched SK6812 it worked fine.

I can’t speak to why this was… but it worked well for me when I switched to SK6812 and otherwise the colors were all wonky organized by puck (green white blue etc, each puck had its own color)… Switching to SK6812 resolved it. This is just my DenverCoder9 response to future us’es that may be curious.