Master and slave (SYNC) in a nightclub

Hi there y’all;)

I am in a team building a nightclub in a concrete basement.
There are 8 concrete-pillars on which i want to have addressable LED running.
900 LED’s on each actually.

My idea is to:

  1. Have a quinled dig-uno with ethernet (WLED) on each pillar.
  2. Set up one as a master and the other 7 as slaves. Sync-mode in WLED.
  3. Set up a touchscreen with some buttons, having node-red send http-requests etc, in order to change the lightshow.

My questions are mainly about stability etc.

  1. 8 pillars 20 meter apart, will they sync fast enough or will there be much latency?
  2. Will it run smoothly for the next 3 to 4 years without software updates and so on?
  3. Is it so stable that i can actually sell this solution, use it in a nightclub and not having to worry about instability?
  4. Are there other things i should consider here?

Hope you guys can help me;)
All the best.

I want to do the same but with 4 pillars only :slight_smile:
Actually I try to understand base concept of wled and I see now it is not easy to create custom effects. Build-in effect are ok just for effects but does not fulfilm my requirements. Question to You - what software do You plan to use and what way You choose to aply that effects to wled?

I went on and built it based on Dig-UNO’s, pwr supplies and Wled. Ill be posting some pics for you to see it. I haven’t had time to program anything yet, but I’ve been testing it for stability, and all is running fine. I have two pillars, a dj-booth and a mirror wall. All in all 4 Dig-UNO’s are used.
In the DJ-booth ill setup a touch monitor with node-red where i send commands to Wled via http-post.

We had our test-opening last night, and everything ran perfectly. I have not had any issues with the system at all. I have 4 Quinled Dig-uno’s. I run in sync mode, Ethernet with fixed IPs. There is no lag or anything. I am really really impressed. I come from the world of sound and light, where companies like Madrix are the primary providers of solutions like this. And it is an expensive world. But with WLED its totally different.
Some tips for you regarding building custom effects…
It is crucial that the DJ/VJ has an interface that ie easy to use. They are often busy with other things, and especially the DJs prioritise music more than lights. With WLED presets you can easily build effects that you desire. As an example, i want a white strobe. Set color 1 to white and 2 and 3 to black. Browse through the effects, tweak them a bit, and Whammy! You have a strobe. Save it as a preset and move on.

I have a lot of photos to share, and knowledge if any of you guys want it. I’ve learned so much during the last 6 weeks of building this nightclub-project. I will share photos when i get some spare time again :wink:
I highly recommend this system for nightclubs, dancefloors etc. my next project will be a 70s dancefloor with floor lights. Gues what i am going to use here? :wink:


It sounds very cool. How did it all go long term?