Master and slave (SYNC) in a nightclub

Hi there y’all;)

I am in a team building a nightclub in a concrete basement.
There are 8 concrete-pillars on which i want to have addressable LED running.
900 LED’s on each actually.

My idea is to:

  1. Have a quinled dig-uno with ethernet (WLED) on each pillar.
  2. Set up one as a master and the other 7 as slaves. Sync-mode in WLED.
  3. Set up a touchscreen with some buttons, having node-red send http-requests etc, in order to change the lightshow.

My questions are mainly about stability etc.

  1. 8 pillars 20 meter apart, will they sync fast enough or will there be much latency?
  2. Will it run smoothly for the next 3 to 4 years without software updates and so on?
  3. Is it so stable that i can actually sell this solution, use it in a nightclub and not having to worry about instability?
  4. Are there other things i should consider here?

Hope you guys can help me;)
All the best.