Need ESP32 with antenna

Please recommend an ESP32 with external antenna suitable for WLED/sound reactive.

Prefer header pins installed. Thank you.

I suggest an ESP32 with external antenna and one of these boards.

I like the TTGO Mini32’s. It doesn’t have header pins installed, but most don’t.

Thanks for info…

Are antenna made with standard connection configuration or are there variations I should be aware of?

They all have the same connector. I’m not sure what the name for it is. But if you search Ali or Amazon for “ESP32 external antenna” you’ll find a variety that will all work.

Thanks all, built two matrices a couple years ago and would like to use WLED.

Get yourself a Dig Quad or Dig Uno.
Both have option for external antenna or even ethernet, and come with WLED installed.

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This is where I bought mine.

Thanks, I received three. Now need to figure out best BIN to install.