Question: LED Movie Seeker?

Hello to all,

I am seeking for some help as i am terrible with coding and APIs :frowning: . I have a NodeMCU flashed with WLED on the back of my TV and i use Home Assistant to control it. I have a small new project in mind to create an LED time visual timer that uses the LEDs to display how much time remains in a movie i am watching.

For example. Movie has just started, all LEDs are on. As the movie progresses, LEDs are turning off one by one until the end of the movie.

I am using Plex, and it exposes attributes to Home Assistant providing information of the “media_duration” and “media_position” so it should be possible to calculate every how much positions an LED should turn off. For example: if the movie has “media_duration” 6532 and i have 204 LEDs, an LED should turn off after: 6532/204 = 32.

How can i say to WLED to be turning off one LED (from start) every 32 positions? Something tells me that i need to use the json api but i need some help please.

Thank you very much

Hello, anyone can help with the above?


I think you would be better off getting an arduino and using C++, there are a lot of projects out there to work off from.

Thank you for your answer!

I was afraid that it wouldn’t be possible with the NodeMCU. I have seen such projects and found the code as well online but I am not certain of it can be controlled by home assistant. I will keep looking!

Thanks again