RF control WLed

Hello all,
Quick question :
Do you know if it’s possible to control preset change via an RF receiver.
Because I would like to control some ESP01 at the same time with one remote (RF transmitter)
Thanks, have a nice day :sunglasses:

Don’t know of any projects off hand to connect a VHF radio receiver (433-866-912? MHz).
Of course the ESP01 will connect via the much higher frequency (2400Mhz) radio builtin - it’s called WiFi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could probably connect some of those standalone RF relay board to give you 4 (or more) input “switches”, but really what’s the use case for all this?

Wifi gives way more range and functionality right out of the box.

Unfortunately ESP (any) would require additional circuitry to support RF remotes.
You can use IR sensor (i.e. TSOP38238) with any ESP without any additional circuit and then use common IR remotes.

You can use an RF remote and receiver to connect to a GPIO like a button. :wink:

Thanks for your replys
Blaz, That what I though, but do you know what signal do I have to send to the RF transmiter and if I just have to select button pin / ir pin / relay pin ?

I never used RF so do not know.
Check Google how others implemented RF with ESP and then adapt using usermod of your creation.

I found how to modify the color with a pot (0 to 3,3v connected to A0) and I want to remote that with a little MX-RM-5V I bought.
The thing is that I can modulate fréquence and not amplitude.
I will try PWM méthode… :slight_smile: