Sources/Experiences re Electroluminescent wire (EL) drivers

[Asking here, because it is related to decorative lighting, and I thought someone here might know]

I have a project to use EL wires together with WS2812B lighting and controllers, as I am trying to consolidate on one approach for holiday lighting. The idea is to use WS2811 controller chips to interface with EL driver chips. At least I should be able to switch on and off to animate, and possibly even dim. The advantage is the wires are under 3mm, and glow continuously along the length.

My problem is sourcing the EL driver chips. There seem to be a lot of chips in existence, and lots of use cases for consumer products. But the only one I could find to purchase was the IMP528, on Ali.

Does anyone know of other chips and where to source them? Has anyone experience with using them? [I’m still waiting on the other components before I can test the IMP528. The datasheet looks promising, but isn’t completely clear].

you can use simple Transistor if you like to get the Wire one color look in the libary
Non adreesable LED

The EL are much better for the small things I have in mind, for the reasons I gave. I’ve seen drivers made with discrete components, but I prefer ICs.

FYI, they can have a pretty short life.

Thanks. I didn’t expect that, but googling it confirms. HIgher frequency (= brighter?), and outdoor use in sunlight reduce life apparently. Makes sense in retrospect.
I plan to use in a shady location, at night as holiday decorations, so maybe it I’ll be good for a couple of seasons.