The Technomancer

Happy (belated) Halloween! :partying_face: New around here, but I haven’t seen many wearable projects here yet!

This year I wanted to do something LED focused for my costume. My end goal was to make something I could easily re-use for festival season next year. The vision I started out chasing was a wizard whose body glows colored light. My vision changed a bit as the project went along, but I’m pretty thrilled with my results! Sorry for the sorta crappy video, it’s much harder than I thought to photograph these strips! Anyway, allow me to present…

The Technomancer!

I used 576 ws2812b - 4 full strips of 144/m. One strip per sleeve, 2 in the robe’s lapels/hood. The lapels and hood are reinforced inside of the hem with plastic hanging strap to force the lights away from my body and allow some light to shine. The strips are in ip67 housings, and have been wrapped in sewing tulle for diffusion and hot-melt glued to velcro strips, that way the lights can be removed and the robes can still be machine washed. The tulle/hot-melt combo is WAY more robust than I initially thought it would be, easily been through 20 hours of wear without any failures on that front! Powered from a 3A USB-C battery bank with absolutely no issues, I have easily gotten 6+hours of run time without dropping much below 50% on the bank. I am running 0.13.0-b4 on an esp8266 with a potentiometer for analog brightness control. This mod is a MUST if you’re making a wearable, I was able to attend a few concerts in my area this way without upsetting any of my fellow concert-goers! Since it’s meant to be portable, I am actually using a second esp8266 exclusively as an AP. This has made controlling it through the app possible without a home network, and is MUCH MUCH more robust than trying to access through the wled AP. I have both esp’s and the potentiometer built up in an altoids tin that sits in my pocket beneath the robes.

Overall, I am thrilled with how this came out. I have gotten lots and lots of love for this one. As an added plus, all of my terrible dance moves suddenly don’t look all that terrible once I’m dripping in LEDs :joy: