Unable to connect to secondary router

I have an xfinity modem/router. I use it for emergency purposes.
its info: Static IP Static GATEWAY Static SUBNET MASK

But the network I want to connect to is an ASUS RT-AX86U hooked up by ethernet to the Xfinity router… where do I find that routers info (static ip (I make this up, but:), gateway, subnetmask?

I’ve enclosed a photo from the Asus tool. is it these?

I don’t mind it being on another network, but I cant control it from Alexa as they are on an Asus network.

also I know that im in mesh mode (2.4$5 combined - most devices can get through that to 2.4, but these cant, so ill just turn off the 5 radio… I think that will allow for the connection, and then turn back one when connected.

My understanding is WLED microcontrollers (ESP8266/ESP32) will not work via wifi when 2.4 & 5 GHz are combined with the same SSID. If you get them to connect by splitting them, or temporarily disabling 5GHz, then turn the 5GHz back on and join them, WLED will drop offline (unless you are one lucky WLED user).

You could create a VLAN on a 2.4GHz wifi setup rather than a physical one with a separate wifi access point (that 2nd wifi gateway/router in your case).

Are you creating a real 2.4GHz mesh network, or simply sharing 2.4GHz bandwidth between 2 wifi devices?

Ok. Yes I did multiple rounds and did find I had to completely disable 802.11 ax mode and “dual smart connect” (which connects 2&5). (so just regular 2.4 and 5) If turned either of these on and rebooted (the node also), the node wouldn’t connect. I was hoping it would sneak by, but no it didn’t.

I believe asus is a true mesh. I have 3 asus routers wired for the xfinity creating a mesh 2.4 & 5 combo network. I haven’t had any weird issues.

So I figured out my asus router info by going to iPhone Settings/wifi/ “my asus network” /info/ and down below it listed the asus routers ipv4 address info. The phones ip, subnet, and router. Plugged those in. And it worked - if it was only 2.4.

Here’s the non techie in me. How do I create a Vlan?

My only goal is to have Alexa commanding WLED. I had it before the new asus routers, but not now. So that means everything on the same network.

But the are on xfinity network. Which is at the head of my network. And I’m on the asus nw but the WLED ap can see them. How’s that?

Ok. Sorry. That’s a lot to unpack.

Thank in advance.