Wifi Problems with Esp32

Hi I have some Esp8266 running with wled. Now I tried to run it on an esp32 (ESP WROOM 32) I flashed wled 0.11.1 then I connect with the AP and tried to configure the Wifi, but it does not connect. I also tried to compile it by myself with my SSID and password and it also does not connect with the Wifi. The AP mode is always reachable. With the esp8266 it works without any problems. I also tried out some older version with the same issue.

Lots of questions how far from your router are you? Do you have ample ip addresses available on router?

the distance to the router are about 6m and to the next repaeter about 4m. What are ample ip adresses? I have a Fritzbox 7490.

Plenty of available ip addresses in the dhcp server. Some routers limit available ip addresses to say 30 when we start adding home automation and such we run out.

I see looks like you are using fritzbox many guys on my openHAB forum use that also. Looks like it is a mesh from your description. I know some have to create a 2.4ghz network for the 8266 to connect vs the combined 2.4/5ghz network. Not sure if you have done this.

yes its a mesh network, I also use both the 2.4GHz and 5GHz, with seperate names. No the Ip adresses are not limited in dhcp. When I setup a new esp8266 it works with absolut no problems.

Sorry I am out of suggestion unless you have another router or esp32 to try. I had a tasmota flashed device that dropped off my network. It worked fine for 3 days in my garage then I moved inside and it quit. I reflashed it and it has been working ever since. Not sure what happened as it worked for 3 days with no issues.

Yes it is the 3rd esp32 I tried. Tasmota is working fine for me.

Tasmota on the esp32?

no I have some other Tasmotas running in my smarthome system.

I am suggesting
You try loading tasmota on your esp32 see if it connects to WiFi. May tell you something!