WLED gets inaccessible

have WLED running on Wemos D1 mini and a SK6812 strip with 40 LEDs enabled. WLED is configured at Home Assistant running on RPi4. Within one or two days the accessibility of the WLED device gets broken, no ping reply and HA reports “Nicht verfügbar” (it’s not a problem of the power supply).
I don’t know if it’s a problem of WLED because of connected to HA or a “WLED only” issue.
How can the accessibility be increased ?
How can this issue be debugged ?

What version of WLED you running?

Version v0.13.0-b0 “Toki”, Build 21063002


Problem is this is beta firmware and any given moment it can be broken. If you testing firmware then you have to report issue to WLED GitHub. In case of permanent installation you have to use stock firmware as of right now is v0.12.

Have done a downgrade to v0.12.0

… same with v0.12.0
will install a second Wemos D1 mini with a WS2812 LED ring but no connection to HA

… have the same problem with the ioBroker. I lose the connection to the ioBroker - but I can still control the LED strip with the app on my mobile phone.

same here… WLED Adapter lose connection of all LED…