Hey all!

I created a very basic device handler for SmartThings, available here
Are currently supported on/off, color and brightness.

Any contributors welcome for more features!


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Hi @damien, interesting - how do you setup this ?
I’ve looked at the ST IDE and copied the code there.
What do I need on the hardware side ?

Is my Samsung Smart TV enough ? Or do I need any other hardware ?

All you need is a ESP with WLED flashed! Really nothing else…
Not sure about the Samsung TV, but as I understand it new ones have a ST hub built in. I personally have a v2 ST hub.

Here is the procedure:

  • In the SmarThings IDE, go to “My device handlers”
  • Create new device handler
  • From Code
  • Paste the code
  • Click Create, then save and Publish for me

Then, click on “My devices”, and

  • +New device
  • Give it a name (Desk lamp or whatever)
  • Copy name to Device Network ID
  • Type: go all the way to the bottom to find WLED
  • Version: Published
  • Select your location
  • Select your hub
  • Click “Create”

Now open the ST app. That device should now be available, open it. Go to the setting gear, enter the IP address of the ESP, port (80 by default), save.

Should be it!

Since I have my WLED devices integrated with ST, Google Home connected to ST, ST integrated with Home Assistant, and Home Assistant running the Homekit component, I can turn on/off-change color and brightness of WLED devices from either Google Assistant, Siri, ST and HA.

Let me know if it works!


worked for me, your awesome, thanks!

Hi @damien,
unfortunately the Samsung TV do not have a SmartThings hub - they can only connect to one :cry:

…and 200 EUR for a hub I don’t want to invest - but thx for the idea !

ST hub v3 is ~65 EUR on Amazon. However, that may not be what you were talking about for the 200 EUR hub option??

Hi @huggy-d1, hmmm - I did not see a hub for around 65 Euro - but anyway: I have Home Assistant running with Zigbee support and a dedicated hue bridge - most of the “sensors and actors” are WiFi driven.

I think that should be enough “infrastructure” - but good to know that SmartThings would be another “universe” that would do the job :smile:

There is a direct integration built in HA for WLED:

Available through HA’s GUI.

Yes, I use this already :smile:

Hi All,

I’ve been using a handful of the HTTP API commands, similar to how the device handler was made (thanks Damien). Is it worth pursuing a way to take advantage of the JSON API over the HTTP API? Sometimes I notice that commands are slow, I don’t know if that would be the case with JSON and HTTP but thought I’d ask if this is something others have also contemplated or have an opinion on? Aircookies documentation recommends JSON for “seg” level commands.